In The Name of Love, by C. River Smith - 2002
In the name of love, we must tell the truth to ourselves. In the name of love, we must tell the truth about ourselves. In the name of love, in all our relations (both public and private) we must never use violence or intimidation except as an absolute last resort. In the name of love we must open our hearts enough to see & feel the consequences of acts upon all involved. In the name of love, we must consider and act with humility rather than arrogance, with openness and acceptance for our differences. The history of the world is blessed with the slow but continuous building of the tide of justice and liberation for all people, and this will continue. There is a spirit alive in the world, symbolically represented by people of peace like Nelson Mandela and Aun San Su Chi, a spirit taking hold in the capitals of places like Belgium, Germany, and France, and the rest of Europe, where in every nation the majority of the population refuses war as anything other than a last resort. A spirit taking hold in places like Cleveland, and the other 70 cities of this country whose city councils have voted against a war on Iraq, a spirit that says we’re all in this together--all nations, all humanity, all species, all creation living on and in our mother earth.

That is why it is so painful to recognize that we’re currently governed by a ruling clique, not democratically elected, that seems to represent the basest values of public life, that is why I accuse the Bush administration of betraying the American people, and our brothers and sisters around the world. I accuse the Bush administration of lying over and over again to protect corporate interests. I accuse the Bush administration of attempting to make The United States the first major company country in the world. I accuse the bush administration of doing everything possible to solidify the control of a small corporate elite over the democratic processes of our government. I accuse the Bush administration of malfeasance and misfeasance for ignoring that in this country, every 46 seconds another child is born into poverty, every twelve seconds another woman is battered, every day someone else gets sick or dies from the effects of environmental pollution. Everyday someone else has to go without medical care or needed medicine in the richest country in the world.. I accuse the bush administration of deliberately encouraging the firing of thousands of workers every year as they attempt to organize unions. I accuse the bush administration of deliberately manipulating fear in this country so that the horrible mal-distribution of wealth is ignored; I accuse the bush administration of deliberately attempting to bankrupt the treasury so that the public will be less and less protected from the corporate elite to which most members of the administration belong.

I accuse the bush administration of lying and misrepresenting reality in its drive to make war on Iraq. For instance, is it wrong for a country to invade another nation that is not directly threatening them? Iraq invaded Kuwait and supposedly threatened to invade Saudi Arabia twelve years ago, and a world coalition, led by U.S. attacked to stop the aggression. During the same period, however, the United States invaded Panama and killed over three thousand of its citizens, a country that was in no way threatening to harm the US. Six years earlier our govt invaded Grenada. Both attacks were condemned by the world, but no one punished The United States.

Is it wrong for a country to fund terrorists who kill innocent civilians? Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, and Afghanistan have done that, and The U.S. has led the fight to punish these evil doers. But what has happened to the American evil doers who funded the contra terrorists thoughout the 1980’s who slaughtered innocent civilians, or the innumerable right wing deathsquads of Elsalvador, Guatamala, Honduras, and other latin american countries who have slaughtered thousands?

Is it wrong for a nation to defy U.N resolutions or world court decisions? Iraq is in material breach of un resolutions. Should the world act to enforce these resolutions? Well China has been in material breach for decades for having invaded and occupied Tibet. What does the current administration propose to do about that? Israel has been in material breach of resolutions that demand they withdraw from the west bank and Gaza for over twenty years. What does the Bush cheney gang propose we do about that? The united States has violated dozens of world court decisions for decades. How should the world enforce those material breaches?

In the mean time, while they dazzle us with their bull, In the name of love I accuse the bush administration of systematically depriving us of constitutional rights that millions have died for, depriving of basic liberties and basic legal procedure in the name of security in a war that they’ve declared is without end.

We must face the facts. Our current government is raft with lies and misrepresentations of the truth. It is betraying the basic trust of Americans by deliberately creating a false reality while trumpeting the rights of a privileged few. These people must be stopped. With this in mind, In the name of love, I will be requesting that our representatives in congress introduce a new bill of impeachment against the criminals currently attempting to take over our country.

In the name of love.